Fan Mingqu and the delegation visit the University of Worcester in UK


Vice Director of Jinan Campus Administrative Committee Fan Mingqu was invited to visit the University of Worcester(UW) in UK from Nov. 4 to Nov. 8 of 2019.

Pro Vice-Chancellor of the UW Ross Renton welcomed Jinan Campus delegation’s visit. He introduced UW’s excellent achievements in the fields of teaching quality, support for students and students’ employment in the recent years, and the good news that the UW was nominated The Best University in the year of 2019 by Times High Education. Director of International Nick Slade, Head of Worcester Business School Anne-Marie McTavish, Director of Student Recruitment and Partnerships John Gardner and Student Ambassador Sara Marsalo accompanied the meeting. Two sides exchanged views on the financial issues of the collaborative program, the teaching issues of content faculty dispatched by the UW in this semester and the language teaching issues. The new mode of dispatching faculty was discussed, the content course arrangement for fall semester of 2020 was confirmed, the agreement on teaching quality monitor and teaching quality improvement was reached, and the detail adjustment and optimization to the summer program was also communicated by two sides.

The delegation met the students who are studying in the UW through 3+1 program in Finance between the two universities. Students introduced their study and living in the UW. Some students in Class 2015 who have graduated from the program also attended the meeting and shared their experience in learning abroad and applying for master degree study. Fan Mingqu gave response to students’ concern and questions, and encouraged them to value the academic experience overseas, be diligent with firm resolve to reach the success and return to China.

The delegation was invited to attend the commencement ceremony of Worcester Business School amid the visit, and received the warm welcome from Pro Chancellor and Chair of Governors of the UW John Bateman OBE and Vice-Chancellor of the UW David Green before the ceremony. The commencement ceremony was held in Worcester Cathedral where Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the UW Sarah Greer conferred the degree to the graduates. Some program graduates who have got the bachelor degree of the UW made the special trip to Worcester to participate the commencement ceremony.


                                                        Pro Chancellor and Chair of Governors of the UW John Bateman OBE and Vice-Chancellor of the UW David Green welcome the delegation's visit

                                                                                                  Meeting with Pro Vice-Chancellor of the UW Ross Renton

                                                                                                Communicate with program students in Finance of Class 2016

Written by: Feng Yanan (news in English) , Yang Peng (News in Chinese)

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