Fighting against COVID-19 Pandemic Hand in Hand: Australian Education Management Group donates pandemic prevention and control material supply to Jinan Campus


Prosperity makes friends, and joining forces for fighting against the pandemic. Recently SDUST’s friendly partner Australian Education Management Group (AEMG) donated urgently needed material supply for pandemic prevention and control to Jinan Campus, to support the related work. Jinan Campus relative personnels in charge accepted the donation on behalf of the campus and expressed thanks for AEMG’s support and determination to make best use of these material supply for prevention and control work.

The donated material supply was purchased in Australia by AEMG, including 1000 surgical masks and 100 instant hand sanitizer, which provides strong support for the prevention and control work before and after the new semester.

Jinan Campus of SDUST has operated the broad and friendly cooperation with AEMG since 2016, which covers the field of education program, resource introduction, personnel cultivation and faculty training, etc. Deep friendship has been built up between two sides.

Written by: Feng Yanan (news in English) / Wu Junqing (news in Chinese)

Edited by:

Photographed by: Yun Bingbing 

Source: SDUST(Jinan) News (Chinese)


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