Caring about overseas students and joining force to fight against COVID-19 pandemic: Jinan Campus makes every effort to pandemic related work in response on overseas students


Since the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 pandemic which outbroke unexpectedly are affecting all Chinese people’s hearts. When the domestic prevention and control to the pandemic comes to the critical period, several foreign countries are facing the severe situation.

Jinan Campus has been operating the collaborative programs with Clark University of the United States, the University of Tasmania of Australia and the University of Worcester of UK for long term. It accounts to over 1000 students who have studied abroad and attended short term visit programs.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic have been outbroken overseas, Jinan Campus organized carefully and took action rapidly to contact and pay close attention to overseas students’ living and study in abroad, to ensure the related work in response be well done.

Jinan Campus has been keeping close communication with overseas partner universities to get latest policy and information from them in time and keep our students updated, and share the related news released by Chinese embassies and consulates overseas. Due to the situation that Clark University has decided to change the in class study to online study, Jinan Campus administration communicates with Clark University and program students who are studying there to instruct students be better adapt to the online study.

‘How’s going today? If the articles for pandemic prevention and daily necessities be enough? What’s the situation around the university? Please remember to wear the mask when going outside, disinfect and ventilate the living place everyday, wash hands frequently, and avoid going outside if not necessary.’, which are always mentioned by the student tutor Zhang Shaoqi from Department of Finance and Economics when he talks with overseas students via video chat.

With the serious pandemic situation overseas, administration in charge of student affairs have been communicated 95 program students who are studying in the United States, Australia and the UK, to get to know their health condition, urge them to make personal protection well and convey the concerns and wishes from SDUST family.

Learning the shortage and difficulties in purchasing the masks in foreign countries, Jinan campus attached great importance to that, coordinated to assemble 1000 masks immediately and mailed to overseas students. The concerns and support from SDUST moved Li Yunyu who is studying in the University of Worcester of UK and he said ‘ It’s great appreciated that the administration of SDUST are keeping contact with us, help us to solve kinds of difficulties, mail prevention items to us and coordinate with the University of Worcester for our study issues. As a student studying in abroad, I’ve felt through the COVID-19 pandemic issue that my motherland has become strong, and I’m extremely proud to be a Chinese especially when I see my country makes great effort to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic! I hope to reach the early achievement in my field of study and come back to China to serve my motherland!’.

The spring has arrived and pandemic is nearly gone. In the special period, Jinan Campus will stay together with overseas students, strengthen the confidence and overcome the difficulties. We believe everything will go back to the normal soon in the near future.

                                                                                                   The student tutor communicates with overseas students

                                                                                                                    Mail masks to overseas students



Written by: Feng Yanan (news in English)/ Yun Bingbing (news in Chinese)

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Source: SDUST(Jinan) News (Chinese)




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