Welcome back after such a long separation --- The first batch of students returned to Jinan Campus


‘Welcome back!’, ‘I’m right here waiting for your return home.’... Warm welcome and words made students returning to the campus fully felt the enthusiasm from faculty and staff of the university. The first batch of graduating students returned to Jinan campus on May 21.

To ensure students’ returning to the campus safely and healthily, Jinan campus administration held special sessions for several times to discuss and assign work relating to students’ return, and complete implementation plans and emergency plans. <A letter to students and parents regarding to returning issues> and <Notice about returning to the university in spring semester of 2020> were provided in prior to have parents and students be fully acknowledged with all requirements about returning to the university. Administration find out students’ health condition accurately, get understandings to each student's needs on return through one-to-one service, and arrange staff to disinfect and ventilate the students’ residence halls in advance according to the returning schedule.

Pick-up service is provided at Jinan Train Station and Jinan West Station, where university staff meet students and show them to take the car back to the campus. Entryway and areas for luggage disinfection, health green QR code check, temperature test and temporary observation have been set up in the campus. Students go through the progress of luggage disinfection, health green QR code check and temperature test with the guidance of administration volunteers when arrive the campus.

Vice President of SDUST, Director of Jinan Campus Administration Committee Sun Heting, other campus authorities, head of academic departments and student tutors expressed warm welcome to the returning students and observed the study places and living areas on campus, where they had cordial talk with students, got to know their study at home, condition of returning and schedule for graduation essays, urge them to heighten epidemic prevention and control awareness, protect themselves, complete all required work for graduation, and reflect their needs and difficulties with no hesitate, to ensure their university experience be completed smoothly.

To facilitate students’ campus life go in security, administration prepare health kits for each students to return, which include masks, disinfection wet tissue, tissue, fever thermometer, hand sanitizers, meal coupon etc. A letter with epidemic prevent and control detail information is provided to students to ensure students be clear with policy and requirements on campus.

‘I was overwhelmed with deep concern and love at the moment when I exited from the train station. I appreciate the authorities, administration and faculty’s hard work for our return. The graduation in the special period seems slightly regretful but is an unforgettable and collective memory forever in my mind.’, the graduating student Wang Hongzhi who are from Class 2016 of Accounting said. Ma Kai from Class 2016 of Accounting said ‘ It’s quite exciting to return to the campus, and the warm words and health kit moved me a lot!’.

Staff from local police station, traffic police group and urban management and law enforcement participated and cooperated the students’ returning work.

According to the schedule, returning students arrive the campus in batches during May 21 to May 28.


                                                                                                              Sun Heting talks with student


                                                                                           Sun Heting communicates with students in Library


                                                                                                 Sun Heting visits student in residence hall


                                                                              Staff from local police station participate in the guidance work on campus


                                                                                                                   Luggage Disinfection


                                                                                                             Health Green QR code Check


                                                                                                                  Temperature Test


                                                                                                 Health Kit provided by student tutor

Written by:Feng Yanan (news in English)/ Wang Xiaojie (news in Chinese)

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