The Commencement Ceremony and Degree-conferring Ceremony for the Class of 2020 was held on Jinan Campus


Fruitful achievements have been yielded even in the pandemic period, and the steps forward have been dignified with the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. This graduation season is distined to be something different than ever before, but the best wishes and expectation is not changed. SDUST commencement ceremony and degree-conferring ceremony for the Class of 2020 was held solemnly on June 24. Deputy Secretary of Jinan Campus CPC Affairs Committee Jia Changxiang, Deputy Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of SDUST Zou Jiqiang, Vice Director of Jinan Campus Administrative Committee Guo Jiashu and Sun Guoqiang, members of Jinan Campus Academic Degree Evaluation sub Committee and the heads of academic departments attended the ceremony. Representatives of faculty and graduates attended the live ceremony and other graduates and parents joined the ceremony by watching live broadcast.

The ceremony was started online and offline synchronously at 8:30am in the solemn national anthem. President Yao Qingguo conveyed best wishes to all graduates with a letter titled Decoding the craftsman spirit and carving a wonderful life. He extended warm congratulations to all graduates on behalf of the university, expressed sincere appreciation and respect to graduates’ teachers and tutors, family members and friends who have worked hard with the spirit of selfless dedication for graduates’ growth and success. Yao Qingguo said, a good gain takes long pain, the disaster is cruel but the people are merciful. Under the pandemic situation, all the SDUST family members join hands, work together, take responsibility consciously and devote into the pandemic prevention and control work, which reveals the SDUST members’ spirit of dedication and responsibility.

Yao Qingguo affectionately put forward earnest hope to the graduates. He hopes the graduates have the strong will and practice the professional ethics of cherishing posts and devoting to the work, keep the supreme good in the heart and stick to the idea of pursuing perfection, maintain the inner determination and develop the character of concentration and persistence, seek changes and innovation and nourish the spirit of maintaining the correct and evolving the new, decode the craftsman spirit and carve a wonderful life with arduous efforts, follow the sun closely to reach the tomorrow.

After the 'cloud' ceremony, Jinan Campus authorities awarded the certificate to outstanding graduates with provincial title and university title and the faculty who are rated as ‘My Most Unforgettable Faculty’. Chairman of Jinan Campus Academic Degree Evaluation sub Committee Fan Mingqu declared the degree-conferring decision, then members dialed the tassel and conferred the degree to graduates representatives. In the end, all graduates listened to the affectionate message from the Secretary of Party Committee of SDUST Luo Gongli, President Yao Qingguo and some faculty.

Due to the pandemic, 765 graduates of Jinan Campus attended the ceremony on and off the 'cloud', which became a good end to their university life. Graduates will sail off and start their new travel of the life with full harvest from the university life and warm wishes from the Alma Mater.

                                                                                                 Commencement Ceremony and Degree-conferring Ceremony

                                                                     Vice Director of Jinan Campus Administrative Committee Sun Guoqiang conducts the ceremony

                                                                                       Jia Changxiang awards the certificate for Provicial Outstanding Graduates

                                                                                        Zou Jiqiang awards the certificate for University Outstanding Graduates

                                                                                           Fan Mingqu awards the certificate for My Most Unforgettable Faculty

                                         Chairman of Jinan Campus Academic Degree Evaluation sub Commiittee Fan Mingqu declares the degree-conferring decision 

                                                                                                                                Confer the degree

                                                                                                                                   Confer the degree

                                                                                                                                   Dial the tassel

                                                                                                                               Graduates take the oaths

                                                                                                   Commencement Ceremony and Degree-conferring Ceremony

Written by: Feng Yanan (news in English) / Sun Xuelin (news in Chinese)

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Photographed by: Sun Xuelin / Li Chaoxin

Source: SDUST(Jinan) News (Chinese)


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