SDUST delegation visits Australia


Vice President of Shandong University of Science and Technology (SDUST) Sun Heting led a delegation to visit Swinburne University of Technology (SUT), Australia Education Management Group (AEMG) and Australia Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) from June 10 to June 14. Director of Academic Office Qiao Weiguo, Vice Director of Jinan campus Administration Committee Fan Mingqu and Section Chief of Cooperative Education Office Yang Peng accompanied the visit.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Duncan Bentley, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) Monica Kennedy, Pro Vice-Chancellor Hung Ngugen, Pro Vice-Chancellor Scott Thompson-Whiteside and related office head welcomed SDUST delegation’s visit. Professor Duncan Bentley introduced the generalinformation of the university and fully affirmed the achievement of previous cooperation between two sides. Hepointed out that two universities share the similarities on the university-running idea in the background of globalization and leading disciplines, and have broad prospects for further cooperation. He hopes both sides can deepen mutual understanding through exchange visits, enhance the cooperation in related fields. He looks forward to the cooperative education institute between the two universities to be established in the near future, to promote the commondevelopment.

Sun Heting expressed his thanks for the warm welcome. He introduced the advantages and characteristics of SDUST and the application progress of the cooperative education institute between the two universities in detail. Two sidescommunicated the cooperative education institute agreement, regulations and running mode based on the feedback from MOE on the expert preliminary review comments, and come to any agreement.

SDUST delegation held meetings with representatives from Faculty of Science Engineering and Technology and Faculty of Health, Arts and Design, in which both sides had comprehensive and in-depth communication in the fields of scientific research, faculty cultivation and student exchange, and reached a consensus. The delegation paid a visit to the laboratories of SUT later on.

On June 12, SDUST delegation visited the headquarters of AEMG in Melbourne. General Director of AEMG Wang Jing, Deputy Director of AEMG Andrew Roberts expressed a warm welcome to the delegation. General Director Wang Jing introduced the development of AEMG in recent years and the international cooperations, and displayed the advantages of Cloud campus online system on teaching guidance, faculty supervision and teaching quality evaluation. Both sides exchanged ideas on enhancing cooperation, faculty training andstudent short termexchange visits. The delegation visited the Chinese Culture Center of AEMG after the meeting.

As the schedule, Fan Mingqu and Yang Peng paid visit to CSIRO. The team leader of Mining Geomechanics Dr. Qu Qingdong welcomed the SDUST delegation’s visit, and introduced thegeneral information of CSIRO and its latest research achievement. Both sides communicated the cooperation possibilities on scientific research and graduate students joint program.

Through the visit to Australia, the cooperation relationship between SDUST and SUT has been further consolidated, the related issues about cooperative education instituteapplication between the two universities has been promoted, and the cooperation and exchanges between SDUST and overseas education institutes and research organizations has been expanded. The visit catches abundant accomplishments.

                                                                                               Sun Heting received the warm welcome from Deputy Vice-Chancellor of SUT Duncan Bentley

                                                                            SDUST delegation held meeting with Deputy Vice-Chancellor of SUT Duncan Bentley

                                                                                                                                           SDUST delegation visited SUT

                                                                                                                                            SDUST delegation visited AEMG

                                                                                                                                              SDUST delegation visited CSIRO


Written by: Feng Yanan (English news), Yang Peng(Chinese news)

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