Undergraduate Program in Communication Engineering


The University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania, founded in 1890, is the fourth oldest university in Australia. It ranks top 2% of the universities in the world and locates 291st in 2020 QS World University Rankings. It has a leading position on Earth and Marine Science, Agriculture and Forestry in the world, and owns seven other disciplines including philosophy, environmental science, biological science, sociology, education, geology and medicine at the top list of the QS ranking.The university is famous for its outstanding academic level and excellent faculty and has been one of the top ten universities in Australia recommended by the Australian Higher Education Commission for many years. The university’s high level teaching, scientific research and student service facilities earns the honor of the National Awardon Student Service and the highest research award of Australian universities in succession.

The two campuses of the university are located in Hobart and Launceston respectively, and a learning centeris located in Bernie,a city at the northwest coast of Tasmania. The University offers more than 100 undergraduate (Bachelor) degrees, as well as more than 150 graduate programs ranging from graduate certificates to advanced degrees on research. These courses are provided by five colleges and three professional institutions, covering degrees in the fields of architecture, maritime and agriculture. More than 35000 full-time students are registered, including over 7000 international students from more than 100 countries.

Curriculum provided the university for Communication Engineering are uniquely designed and full of challenge, containing abundant context and focus oncultivating students’ innovation ability and enterprising spirit. The aim is to educate students to be academically qualified to enroll in the Engineers Australia and master comprehensive professional knowledge and technical skills, which is recognized by American Association of Engineers. Curriculum is designed to focus on laboratory experience, innovation ability cultivating, regular work reports writing, and providing opportunities to be engaged in scientific research. In the final year, each student should undertake a project and go through the whole process from feasibility analysis, realizing it into practice and achieving the success.

Program Information

Location: No.17 Sheng Lizhuang Road, Tianqiao District, Jinan, Shandong Province

Parties: Shandong University of Science and Technology & The University of Tasmania

Level and Category: Undergraduate Education

Major: Communication Engineering

Enrollment Scale: 100 students / year

Education Mode: Curriculum and syllabus are jointly developed by the two universities and carried on in the program. Some courses adopt original English edition textbooks, perform bilingual or all-English teaching, and implement credit system management. Program students who have studied in Shandong University of Science and Technology for four years, completed and passed required curriculum shall be awarded the general higher education graduation certificate of Shandong University of Science and Technology, and those who are qualified for bachelor degree shall be awarded the bachelor’s degree of Shandong University of Science and Technology.

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